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06 - Cedar - LR2a-smallerOur MLS (the Hudson Gateway MLS)  allows agents to link to a video or virtual tour  to each of their listings. Truth be told, it really amazes  how few listings on the HGMLS  take advantage of this feature.  This is such a simple thing  that can really enhance a listing  on the MLS, not to mention on web pages and most other online marketing venues.  The expense is minimal  so even with the tightest of marketing budgets, it id doable.

The cost of slide shows is minimal…

Perhaps the thought that the cost would be prohibitive is an issue.  At the present time  I will generally bundle  a slide show  into a standard photo-shoot  for an additional $35.00.  (The addition of true video, which is coming soon to Fotos On The Fly will have an additional surcharge.)  Since I already have the photos that will be used, this is something that can be managed quite easily.  The fee is for the time involved and the maintenance of software and hardware involved in the process.

How much is too much?  Long videos are boring….

One of the burning issues that agents and photographers often have is what and how much to include in a slide show.  In this case, I am proponent of the “less is more” approach. Attentions spans are notoriously short online.  I generally look to a maximum  of 25 photos – give or take a photo or two depending on the home.  For a condo or coop – fewer photos are generally in order.

The video is not the place to feature that new furnace…

Another question that often arises  is whether every room needs to be included.  My answer to that is an emphatic “no”.  The last thing you need is the furnace room, garage,  or an unfinished basement using up valuable time on a video slide show.  Slide shows are more about emotion and setting a tone than being fully informative.  The video is there to set a tone or the mood of the home.  Its designed to stimulate interest and  to seduce them to giving the listing a closer look.  Links to the photo portfolio of still shots can  fill in the “information gaps” that the video excludes.

Hopefully, this clears up some of the issues involving.  Enjoy the sample slide show below….

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