Camouflage!! How do you find a white husky in the snow?

Tundra5a-Small-ColorOf course Siberian Huskies love the snow…that’s a no-brainer.  But today was especially cold and this really energized my two younger dogs. The 17-year-old dog has earned the right to stay inside when its cold  – He didn’t hang out.  I tried to take some photos but my fingers were about to fall out.  I only fired off a few shots before I had to call it quits.  I don’t think it was more than 10 F when I took these.  In any case, Jade is the usual “model” for such portraits, but this time, I was able to capture Tundra in motion.  She was having quite a time tearing through the snow.  Most of the time, I just caught her tail or her nose. But I got a couple of nice photos.


These two photos here show how well she blends into the snowy background. So how exactly do you find  a white husky in the snow?  You can do the following….

  • Look for either eyes a nose or a tongue…or maybe all three…
  • Look for prick ears moving around like satellite dishes to collect the sound of rodents in the snow…
  • If all else fails, stay very quiet and look for a snow drift that moves…


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