Sights of the Season – Photos from the holiday season just past…Happy New Year!

Fireworks5 - Small Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone had a happy, healthy and safe New Years.  Yesterday I decided to put some of my “Sights Of The Season” offerings into a video to bring the season to a close.  On New Years Eve I decided to try to take photos of the fireworks in downtown White Plains and found a good vantage point at the top of a garage.  Unfortunately, it was so cold that I had trouble triggering the shutter so I only got a couple of good shots, one of which I included at the end of this video….

Hope you all enjoy it.  For those living in White Plains NY and Westchester NY generally, some of this should look very familiar because it is truly all local.  I also include some photos I took at two parties where I became the (self-appointed) de-facto photographer.

Shameless Plug  – this is something that I can do for your business or for your next event.  Video is getting a great deal of attention these days and slide shows like this are great fun or/and good business. Feel free to contact me anytime for either by email or by phone.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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