Sights of the season – Huskies in the snow….

Huskies in the snow at ChristmasI took this photo a couple of weeks ago.  It is not one of my best pictures in terms of focus, it was snowing heavily and I didn’t have much time to shoot before the camera and lens got snowed too much.  The photo does reveal – at least to me – the personality differences between my two pals.  Jade (the bigger dog with the green bandana) is very mellow and quiet.  Tundra in the red bandana has a more mischievous  nature.  Despite the differences in personality, these two are sisters and they do love each other. Anyway, my dogs make my life a happier one for their presence.  The fact that they are white huskies makes them “winter dogs” in every sense and they do seem to remind people of Christmas.

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